Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

I can't believe Bridger is 4 today. The time has gone by way to fast. He is so kind and always makes us laugh! Happy Birthday to Bridger.

Birthday Presents from Grandma Marche and Jerry.
(Yes, he is trying the swimsuit on over his pants.)

He was so excited to get this marble set.
Although the box was pretty big that it came in and
he said the only thing that it could be was a dirt bike.
Sorry bud.....


Beth Willmore said...

Tell him to bring his suit and we should go to Grammy's pool sometime this weekend. The water's actually warmer now and he can sport his new suit! We love you Bridge, hope you have a great birthday!

Whitney said...

He is so stinkin' cute!! I seriously couldn't understand him on the phone! I think he was too busy to talk! haha Love you Bridge! Hope you had a fabulous bday bud!! :)

Rebecca and Taylor Weaver said...

Ah I love these pictures!! What a stud muffin. I'm gladnhe had a good birthday. Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!