Saturday, July 2, 2011


We've tried fishing a couple times with no luck. Finally tonight we were able to catch some fish. Bridger was so excited to reel the fish in. He didn't want to get to close to them tho. Wade would put the fish back in the water and Bridger would say, "Thanks for letting us catch you".

And then we started getting attacked by mosquitos so we had to stop. We are so glad summer is finally here!


Beth Willmore said...

Oh my heck those pictures are so cute!! Glad you guys could have some luck fishing, and "thanks for letting us catch you" sounds like something Meg would totally say!!

Marche' said...

That cute boy is so kind. Jerry actually mentioned that very thing this past weekend. :)

Jenna Johnson said...

Bridger is hilarious! P.S you look so cute! Miss you!!!