Thursday, March 31, 2011


Over the last weekend I got to go back to Idaho for some family time! It's wonderful to spend time with family. It was Maddie's birthday Friday, and it was so fun to be there for it. I also got to do a lot of appointments that I have been putting off. Taxes, Eye doctor, and Bridger checkup. Who would have thought that the persistent cough Bridger always has is asthma?

The progression of Bridger's doctors appointment in pictures. They had to draw blood for an allergy panel. As you can tell he was not to happy about that. It wasn't really the needle that he hated.... it was the bandaid. Yes, my child hates bandaids. He was so upset about it. Okay more like hysterical. It was a little embarrassing. Sorry that one picture is so fuzzy. He was sitting on my lap while I was trying to take it. (That's mean of me I know.)

Now we are doing breathing treatments twice a day. He is actually getting pretty good at sitting still and not talking for 15 minutes. (Kind of, I keep telling myself hopes that eventually it will be true.)

Yes, I was the one who was going to take the kids to the ER if anyone got hurt.
This is Beth's little girl Megan with Bridger.


Beth Willmore said...

OK that video seriously makes me laugh! I'm glad you were the one who was going to do ER visits that day! It was so fun to see you and I'm glad you got to rub my belly in case that's the last time you see it like that (at least with a baby inside of it...) I hope you guys can come up when he's born or sometime after (like maybe next Christmas)! Love you and am so glad I got to see you for a minute!

Amanda Hansen said...

The whole Bandaid thing totally cracks me up!!! I love it!!! Poor Bridger and his asthma...I seriously don't think I could ever get my kids to sit still long enough to do breathing treatments. I know I keep saying this, but I seriously want to come out and see you guys. I miss you like crazy! Love ya!

Whitney said...

That video is stinkin' hilarious!! Did you have every piece of bedding in Mom's house down there? Sad day about the asthma! Give him a big kiss and a hug for me!! Miss you guys!!

Rebecca and Taylor Weaver said...

Poor smidgie.. Those pictures are horrible. You need to show the happy one of him with his balloon.

Katie said...

How funny ! They are so cute.