Thursday, March 31, 2011


Over the last weekend I got to go back to Idaho for some family time! It's wonderful to spend time with family. It was Maddie's birthday Friday, and it was so fun to be there for it. I also got to do a lot of appointments that I have been putting off. Taxes, Eye doctor, and Bridger checkup. Who would have thought that the persistent cough Bridger always has is asthma?

The progression of Bridger's doctors appointment in pictures. They had to draw blood for an allergy panel. As you can tell he was not to happy about that. It wasn't really the needle that he hated.... it was the bandaid. Yes, my child hates bandaids. He was so upset about it. Okay more like hysterical. It was a little embarrassing. Sorry that one picture is so fuzzy. He was sitting on my lap while I was trying to take it. (That's mean of me I know.)

Now we are doing breathing treatments twice a day. He is actually getting pretty good at sitting still and not talking for 15 minutes. (Kind of, I keep telling myself hopes that eventually it will be true.)

Yes, I was the one who was going to take the kids to the ER if anyone got hurt.
This is Beth's little girl Megan with Bridger.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3: Vegas

We did a little more shopping, and we walked to the Mirage. We went to the Siegfried and Roy's Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden. It was so amazing. The trainers were out with the dolphins so we got to see them do tricks. They had lions, tigers, and no bears. But they did have leopards and a panther. It was really fun to just wander around. It wasn't busy at all which was really nice.

And then we had to head home the very next morning. It was a shock to go from shorts to winter coats. But we are so glad we went.
We had so much fun and Wade got a break from work, which is what matters most. He deserved a little time to relax.

Day 2: Vegas

We went to the Shark Reef in the Mandalay Bay first thing. Bridger loved every second of it.

He loved the sharks. He wanted to ride them. So he had to have a shark stuffed animal.
(I think we packed home about 6 new stuffed animals.)

We just hung out by the pool all afternoon. It was so nice to just relax. Of course I just watched Bridger and Wade swim.

That night we went to Tournament of the Kings. Bridger always talks about being a knight and we thought he would like it. I am not even sure he said anything throughout the whole show. Which if you have been around Bridger is very odd. He sat with his mouth wide open, staring the whole time. He loved it so much!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1: in Vegas

Walked down to M & M Factory. Spent $20 on a 1lb bag of M & M's.
Seriously, I about peed my pants.
Walked further to Planet Hollywood and shopped.

Walked further to Ceaser's Palace and shopped more.

Wade walked almost back to our hotel to a Walgreens to buy a stroller. We couldn't carry Bridger anymore. And he was SO tired of walking.

Walked to Treasure Island and watched Pirate show.

Walked to The Mirage and watched volcano show. (Bridger hated it, notice the face)

And walked back to our hotel!

We were so tired by the end of the day.
And yes... it was worth paying $30 for an umbrella stroller.

Many faces of Bridger

Sitting by the pool at MGM in Las Vegas

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silly boy

Bridger makes me laugh every single day. He loves this table that he got for Christmas from my mom and Rusty. I have so many drawings of people hung up allover the house.

My Grandma.

The things I remember about my grandma.

She loved to quilt... by hand. I got to pick out a
quilt for Bridger and one for myself.
They are beautiful. I am so lucky to have them.

She always was dressed up. Always in heels and nice clothes.

She used to create lovely tea parties for us.
She would make tiny sandwiches, cupcakes, and little treats.
We would get to use her special plates.

She used to tell us stories of her growing up.
She would get out paper and draw us what it looked like where she grew up.

She never stopped learning new things.
She was always doing some project or another fixing up her home.
She did the tile countertops in her kitchen, plaster mold thingies on the ceilings
in some of the rooms, and refinished antique furniture.

She was always at a garage sale looking for hidden antique treasures.
I cannot believe how many antique keepsakes she had found.
We will all miss her so much.

This is us on our journey to Canada. Only 5 minutes into the drive.
(I am not sure we looked this happy at the end of the 10 hour drive.)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I: By Bridger

I HAVE: my toys.
I WISH: i had a kawasaki dirt bike.
I HATE: bugs.
I MISS: garbage cans.
I HEAR: music.
I LAUGH: about a funny music song.
I WONDER: about the beach, if I am going.
and if I get to bring my toys and a beach ball.
I REGRET: that I didn't play on my I-touch.
I DANCE: at winner winner chicken dinner.
I SING: pants on the ground.
I CRY: when you get mad.
I NEED: a superman toy.
I LOVE: my mommy.

This about sums up my day.

(I saw this on someones blog and couldn't wait to hear what Bridger would have to say.)