Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1: in Vegas

Walked down to M & M Factory. Spent $20 on a 1lb bag of M & M's.
Seriously, I about peed my pants.
Walked further to Planet Hollywood and shopped.

Walked further to Ceaser's Palace and shopped more.

Wade walked almost back to our hotel to a Walgreens to buy a stroller. We couldn't carry Bridger anymore. And he was SO tired of walking.

Walked to Treasure Island and watched Pirate show.

Walked to The Mirage and watched volcano show. (Bridger hated it, notice the face)

And walked back to our hotel!

We were so tired by the end of the day.
And yes... it was worth paying $30 for an umbrella stroller.


Fun in First with Mrs. Ward said...


Beth Willmore said...

Ok - I'm kind of mad that you guys don't have coats or jackets on - don't worry, it was as lovely as ever here! Glad you got a stroller so you don't become a hunchback from carrying him!

Marche' said...

I hope the M&M's were good!!! So glad you three could get away for a minute. I'm especially glad you got to enjoy some nice weather.